Cheers, to new experiences.

Cheers, to new experiences.

Setting the stage…

In early December Piero Peroni asked me a question while Alex and I were in the middle of a training session at studio PT Unlimited:

“Alex, would you be interested in possibly heading over to help Alex (Peroni) get settled and establish his training routines?”

At the time that question caught me by surprise as the world was still in lockdown and I didn’t think that it would even be a possibility at this point. But in typical fashion the answer was:

“of course, if it would benefit Alex I would be more than happy to”

At this point nothing came into my mind about the fact that I would be leaving behind my family, my clients and leaving my business that opened only 6 months earlier.

8 weeks out…

Fast forward a week and things were looking a lot more serious, I renewed my passport, applied for a visa, travel exemption, IDP, and started working on the ‘No Alex’ model for the business.

Sharing the news that I was potentially going to be leaving the country was met with nothing short of resounding support from my amazing family and friends. However there was a terror hiding in my mind that it was the wrong time, Covid-19, lock down, new business, young family, clients so many unknowns that I could not control.

This is where a decision had to be made…

Can we create a structure allowing the team to step in and grow the business while I’m out of the picture?


It is the wrong time, too hard and too dangerous to take the risk?!

I sat on this for a few days and met up with a good friend and now Operations Manager Luke and said to him, “what do you think, can we do it?”

Yet again this was met with complete support and after that meeting the decision was made to push forward and develop the team to take over.

To that end we spent many hours directly working out the financial milestones, client numbers, team members, client loading, additional equipment and all manner of things that might trip us up then we put it all together and rolled it out.

During this time as my clients well know there were a few false starts, but on January 25th I took a leave of absence and let the team settle into the new routine. With everything running smoother than I could imagine my mind was set at ease and the pressure of the studio was completely eliminated. I cannot thank the team enough for allowing me to pursue this opportunity and I will be forever in their debt.

Once that weight was lifted it was only then that I realised I would be leaving my family for three months and it was like someone had hung me from my ankles over the edge of a cliff, swinging in the breeze. Luckily for us our family and friend support network is strong, so the only real stress was getting used to the idea of not seeing their faces each night but luckily apple memories has me covered there. So nothing to worry about really….

Three key pieces I took from this:

  1. Love every small moment with your family, this can be the family at home or the family you collect along the way.
  2. Never leave it to ‘chance’, if you find yourself with an outstanding opportunity – always say yes, no matter how terrifying it may be. As long as it’s within your capacity.
  3. Even when you fail or miss out, never stop taking risks.
Alex Howearth
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