Time Travel is Real!

Time Travel is Real!

As the time drew ever closer, it only became real 2 days before I left as I checked my packing list and prepared my travel bags having been tested for COVID-19 prior to leaving the country (which came back negative). Whilst I sat on my bed reading over the list it hit me like a heavyweight body shot.

I was about to get on a plane and fly back in time to a country on the other side of the world without my family… What had I gotten myself into!

Thankfully it wasn’t too early of a start, leaving home at 8am and getting to wish my family goodbye and marking the moment with the family photo from my first blog, thanks to the amazing Piero Peroni– photographer extraordinaire. Looking back and knowing how important it is to have support like I do strengthens my resolve to help this trip become a success.

Once we had left Hobart, it was a 60min layover at the Melbourne airport which was terrifyingly quiet. Then onto Sydney for our overnight stay preparing ourselves for the long leg ahead.

Luckily we stayed directly opposite the international terminal which made for a leisurely start to the morning, checking in for the full 3 stop leg to Fort Lauderdale, FL. We had been made aware that the check in process could potentially be quite long however due to the lack of travellers, we walked straight up to the check in gate as it opened.

Spending about 30mins weighing luggage, finding seats on all the flights and providing all of the documentation required (including our Negative Covid-19 Test results).

It was a surreal experience, boarding our long haul international flight with United Airlines, there were only maybe 50 people on a 296 capacity flight making it one of the most comfortable flights I’d ever been on.

We left at 11:20am on the Wednesday flight destined for LAX, then arrived at 6am on the Wednesday as well. I can tell you that it took a lot of brain power to get my head back in to gear and I have immense respect for anyone who crosses multiple time zones regularly.

Finally after a stop over in the Houston, TX Airport and seeing their excellent food service device which you sat down at, ordered your food from anywhere in the airport and had it delivered directly to you.

We landed in Fort Lauderdale at 6:57pm on Wednesday, made it to our accommodation. Then promptly fell asleep.

I can’t believe that we managed to fly across the world in the middle of a pandemic and stay safe and healthy!

Little did I know that the healthy part was about to become one of the biggest challenges so far!

The Three main takeaways from this experience:

  1. Lululemon surge jogger 29” are absolutely the best thing to wear on a long flight
  2. Saying goodbye to family and friends at home before you leave is far less daunting than doing it at the airport.
  3. Never underestimate the impact of jet lag on how your body recovers.

Until my next blog,

Alex Howearth
[email protected]