Our Trainers

Here at PT Unlimited we have an extensive history within the health and fitness industry, with each trainer bringing their own knowledge, specialized skill set to the table. That's why we understand that just like everyone else you will have your own individual goals and expectations. 


These individual goals require a specialized and specific skill set to suit, and within the PT Unlimited team we are very likely to have one of our highly skilled trainers who has an in depth understanding of what is required to help you achieve them.


Just like you, all of our trainers are individuals and just like you, carry their own accountability and expectations. We are a team that prides itself on trust, respect and professionalism meaning we are committed to creating strong and positive culture within the PT Unlimited community.

  • Alex Howearth

    Coming from a severe back injury that propelled me into the industry I find that my mental fortitude is as important as my physical.

  • Ella Crocombe

    Being introduced to training through martial arts and having faced my own challenges. I’ve learned to connect my passions and purpose through training and everyday life

  • Jack Giudici

    With an extensive background in gymnastics and a passion for training and nutrition, I'm excited to help anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. 

  • Lenka Pelcova

    Moving away from my life with horses, I found Capoeira and my life’s happiness through movement. You know I’m happy when I’m flipping, spinning or hand standing

  • Shani Mirza

    Realising how much I loved fitness and helping people, I decided to merge the two and help people through fitness by improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Will Caglayan

    Spending significant time rehabbing a sporting injury, propelled me to focus on transforming my physique to be fitter everyday.

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