Lenka Pelcova

In addition to being a PTUnlimited Personal Trainer, Lenka holds a Certificate IV in Sport Coaching, along with being an EA NCAS Intro Coach. Lenka's home country is the Czech Republic where she grew up with an equestrian background. After moving to Australia in 2013 while studying Sports Coaching, Lenka came across the Brazilian martial art called Capoeira and immediately fell in love with it. While finding it challenging and frustrating at first, Lenka's desire to learn and become better was stronger. This would be what helped her decide to study more about fitness. From here, Lenka got into calisthenics and mobility training and it was a game changer for her. Now, Lenka's focus is to help the people she works with to find their passion and make fitness their lifestyle. Whether you have specific fitness goals, or you just want to feel good in your own body, Lenka can help you to reach your goals and make you happier!

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